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It’s never a dull moment when it comes to Mona Scott-Young, she is always looking to Bank off of someone regardless of what they’ve done. It’s clear that jussie Smollett was guilty for everything that he has done. How on earth could anybody want to support someone who lied about something as serious as race hate crime. I am just so fed up but I am not surprised, Mona Scott-Young would take under her wing jussie Smollett in order to get money in her pocket. This screams what everyone has been saying all along. She is looking to make a buck no matter what the cost. This woman has no f****** self-respect how on earth would you think this is okay to do. The deal should have been off. She used him because she had no one else to play the role. I am really disappointed seeing this. I heard also that Mona was doing this type of thing to people in love and hip hop.