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I can’t believe what I am hearing! now they’re saying that Elon Musk, could be Amber Herd’s biological daughter’s father. I mean I am not surprised it seems like Amber Heard has had her run in with a lot of dicks. I think it’s really a shame that Johnny Depp has a wife who could not keep her legs closed no matter how much it cost her. This is why a lot of people do not feel sorry for Amber Heard, because clearly she was a hoe from the very beginning. I can’t tell you how many lives she has ruined by sleeping with other people’s property, and making her husband look like a fool over and over again. I personally don’t think that Johnny Depp wants any more involvement with her.

Let’s be clear, Johnny Depp could have done a whole lot better. It’s clear that Amber Heard does not want to be married so why are we sitting here feeling like she deserves anything from this marriage. She is just as guilty as they come when it comes to infidelity. I hope and pray that Johnny wins this case, I have never disliked anyone more than this batch. She is nothing but a fucking home wrecker. I know without a doubt that she was sleeping with Jason Momba also.