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When I see Bobby Brown with his wife, I don’t think that he’s really happy with her like he was when he was with Whitney Houston. I know that Whitney Houston is dead and we cannot bring her back, but I do feel that Whitney gave him something that just Alicia cannot give. Another thing that was really strange to me, is that every time Bobby Brown does an interview, he’s always talkin about the love of his past loves. We all know that one of those people was Janet Jackson. In an interview Bobby Brown mentioned how Janet was the love of his life. Then we also heard that Whitney Houston was his very special love. I really don’t hear him talk a lot about Alicia which leads me to believe that maybe he’s really not that in love. I understand that he’s with her and he had children, and he could possibly love her, but I don’t really think that the love outweighs what he had back in the day for Whitney Houston.

I also wonder how Bobby Brown feels whenever his sister keeps going on these rants about Alicia not being a good person. For Alicia I think this is very difficult for her to have to sit back and watch. Especially when she’s had children with this man and claims to be so in love. I think for Alicia her thing is to prove a point to everyone to let them know that she is the love of Bobby Brown’s life. Alicia makes sure to let people know that she does not feel any type of way about Bobby Brown’s past, because she is the future. I guess Alicia has dealt with this all her life, and she’s used to it by now with all the bs with being with Bobby. I think at this point, she’s just kind of like she doesn’t really care about the haters.