Let me just say, all fast food chains are doing horrible. They are talking about raising prices. But let’s be clear, you may need to change workers. No one wants to go to a restaurant to get food, and then deal with bad attitudes, and bad quality food. These managers and CEO’s should be there to see what really goes on in the restaurants. All they are doing is hiring people who really could care less about customer service, and treating customers like trash. I know you do have your bad customers, but most the time it’s the workers that ate doing the most. I live in Florida and the customer service is the worst. I cannot explain how disrespected I was when I went to a local Wendy’s and asked for Ketchup, to have it thrown out the window. This stuff happens more than you think. So maybe if they fix how people treat others. Although we are in a crisis, and food is going up, you still will have customers coming to your establishment.