Screen Shot

The same old story we hear time and time again. He put all his shit on Facebook, yet facebook failed to help out and reach proper authorities. It is time to get rid of Facebook. Facebook has continually allowed every single bad thing, and they worry about taking down post from people with businesses. I was over Facebook the day they allowed Steve Stevenson to kill a man in broad daylight on Facebook live! When will people see that these sites are dangerous and are poorly monitored.

If you decide to keep Facebook, then at least do your fucking job and report what’s going on. There should be no reason for the bullshit that is going on with social media. I feel like we are not blaming the right people when things like this happen. Everyone should be held accountable for their actions. Why is it that Facebook never pays for shit they are involved in. Is it that important to have social media, rather than have a safe Country? Tik Tok is also an issue. So many children died from doing challenges etc. The news reports crime and deaths from it, yet the companies still thrive to destroy what’s left. I cannot understand why this continues. I had to come on and rant a bit about this. Children died and teachers who worked and loved their job died also. Someone needs and should be held accountable.