There is always more to the story! It seems that Haskinx had alcohol and drugs in his system the day he was killed. This could play a big role into what happened. Maybe he would be alive if he was alert without high levels of alcohol in his system. It’s terrible what has happened, and truly we all have to make sure, we do not drink, and drive under the influence. He was so young and hos life was ahead of him. This is such a tragic and sad event. I pray for his family and that he is resting in peace. Thus is what some of the article stated “

At the time of his death, Haskins had a blood alcohol level between 0.20 and 0.24, over Florida’s legal limit of .08, and tested positive for ketamine and norketamine, per a toxicology report acquired by E! News. Before his death, the quarterback—who was in Florida to train with his team—and his teammates went to dinner. Haskins and a relative then went to a nightclub and reportedly “drank heavily,” according to a police investigation report obtained by E! News.