After Tank Davis fights Rolando Romero for the lightweight crown, his plan is to leave Mayweather Promotions. This is the same thing that happened to Jesse Vargas when he was with Floyd. Vargas left to go to Top Rank and never was the same fighter ever. In my opinion the same thing is going to happen to Tank. They get money hungry and start looking at other fighters. And they listen to their friends who may be fighters. Mayweather promotions have done a great job with Tank Davis. Because nobody knew who Tank Davis was until Mayweather brought him up. Now Tank feels that he can make more money with somebody else and fight the fighters that he wants to fight. It doesn’t work that way Tank. Mama said if it ain’t broken don’t mess with it and don’t try to fix it. Once tank gets with another promoter and realize he is not going to be getting what he think he’s going to be getting. He will fade away like The rest.