Back in 2021, I remember doing a post for Explicit Talk Radio. Below was my views and I decided to post under the companies name.

I had the pleasure to attend this restaurant on March 6th 2021. I was really not expecting the establishment to be full of people being that we have been going through Covid 19. When I arrived at restaurant, I noticed that it took about 20 minutes before a host could ask for our order, this was all so bad because there was only 6 people in the restaurant. Not to mention, the host did not give us a preference on whether or not we could sit at the bar or in the dining area. I was really at this point already disappointed in how things were going. I noticed that there was one person who seemed to be doing all the hard work. Meaning, the bar, the floor, and even at the point of handling all the complaints by the customers. I have never been so disappointed in my life at an establishment.

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I will say that the person who seemed like all work was on them was very apologetic about how crappy the service was. All I really wanted was drinks and to try the Carlo’s Bakery Cake that I have been seeing so much. needless to say, I will be writing my thoughts on that particular item, but this review was strictly on how the experience of this restaurant was. I would hope that the staff and management could get it together, I really hate leaving bad reviews on restaurants because I want people to feel like when they visit Saint Petersburg, Florida that they can have a great experience.

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During Covid, the restaurant took the pleasure of adding these cardboard separators to the chairs, so that you will not be in close quarters with others. The strange thing is that they are using paper board rather than plexi glass. I have to say with a high profile restaurant, you would think that they would be more understanding and responsible to place the right things to keep their customers safe. I could not believe that this establishment could not do better with separating. And as you see in the very first picture, what good is it to have these on chairs but sit us as customers so close to the bar. Really just so disappointing… I will have to say that this was one of the worst visit I have had at a restaurant.

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