Josselin Padilla got caught smuggling a group of Mexican men from Texas to Florida. Each men did not have any legal paperwork, which would allow them to freely rome in the Sunshine State or any US state. A highway patrol trooper spotted them in a SUV with dark tinted windows and pulled her over. She then confess to being paid money to bring the men from Texas to Florida. Now in my opinion these men found there way over here illegally. That tells me that there’s alot of holes in our defense as a country. Do I believe they should be over here? Well Hell no. I was born here in poverty. Grew up and made the best of the hand I got dealt. Went through all the channels the state said we had to go through to make it and succeed. Then had to put myself through school and pay back what I borrowed. Yeah no food stamps either they said I made too much. Now ask me again should people sneak over here cheat through what I went through. Get food stamps get azz. Then the azz they got has little azzes. And each little azzes get a check. That I sponsor with other people. So I’m glad they got caught. Catch more. It should be a reward for finding illegal immigrants. Stop the underground railroad.