So its speculated that Beyonce is suppose to be going to a Kardashian wedding. I cannot believe this shit! If so, why on earth would she do such a thing. Well maybe because now that Kanye is out the way, Beyonce probably feels safe not being in his presence. This is all so crazy!! This may not be a good look for Beyonce. Basically the article mentioned that, the Kardashian and Jenner families have met in Portofino, Italy, to celebrate Kourtney Kardashian’s marriage to her long-time boyfriend Travis Barker. Though photos of her sisters and some of her nieces and nephews have surfaced, it’s still unclear whether of her pals will be present, although suspicions are circulating. According to Page Six, Beyoncé could be one of the many major names on the guest list. According to reports, the musical legend arrived in town on Saturday afternoon and checked into a hotel in the same Italian area. A handful of A-listers are said to be staying there for the occasion. Do you guys think that maybe they are reaching a little on this? I just can’t see Bey doing this!