I know you guys saw lastnight episode where Marlo has plenty to say about Kandi, her sexuality, and possibly her man. Now it would not be RHOA if the women did not throw shade at the men. I think that everyone was shocked to hear Marlo and Sheree talk about Kandi feeling some type of way, about Todd Tucker having a condo when it was said a few seasons back by Porsha Williams, that Todd Tucker tried to cheat using the name Marvin. We all knew that Kandi talked about how her and Marlo were having issues, but now we can somewhat guess, what it really was all about. One thing that Kandi does not like, is when a bitch comes for her man. She is not someone who finds it funny when you start to target her family. We all know that Marlo, Sheree, and Kenya have a way to slip shade in every now and then, and surely this was something that Kandi feels was out of line.

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Many want to know why on earth Marlo would continue to talk about Kandi? Why does it seem like there is more that is going on with the two women. Most felt that Marlo was being hella shady, and is looking for every opportunity to talk shit behind Kandi’s back. We all are left scratching our heads trying to figure out what really is going on. Is Marlo still upset about Kandi asking her where her money comes from? 🤣🤣