This guy woozied women out of 1.3 million dollars. His name is, want to be Dr. Brian Wedgeorth. A fake doctor who met women on popular dating sites and got them to buy him things he needed. He told these women he was a Dr. and he somehow got them to give him their banking info. This was so he could help them out in bad times. He created fake accounts to get the money for the women and paid off some of their bills from that account. They in return would pay him back for his kindness. Once Dr. Love got their real money, he just continued the scam. He would buy luxury watches for his self and even fooled these women into believing his practice needed help with bills. And that he didn’t have the money because he gave them his LAST. Luckily he got caught and now faces prison time.. So Ladies keep your selfs and daughters from other Dr. Loves.