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Word on the street is that Wendy Williams can now get access to her damn money! I got to say when I heard the news, I was so excited for Wendy Williams! Now as you all know, in order for this to work out, Wendy Williams must have a legal financial Guardian to help with her funds. This now makes me believe that Wendy Williams is not fully able to handle her finances by her self. I knew something was off watching that struggle interview with Fat Joe. The main thing at this point, we all want to know what is wrong with Wendy Williams where she cannot take care of herself!

Since late January, when she claimed Wells Fargo froze all of her accounts and denied her access to her millions, the beleaguered talk show star has been embroiled in a lawsuit with the bank. Wells Fargo indicated that they took action because they had reason to believe she was mentally ill and being exploited financially. Williams refuted the charges, claiming that the incorrect material was provided by a “disgruntled” former employee.

“The guardianship process is over,” the source explained, “which means the court appointed a financial guardian.” “How she will access her money will now be decided by the guardian, Wendy, and the court.” The guardian is also “financially knowledgeable” and well-qualified to manage Williams’ finances, according to the source.

“The court can eventually decide to give Wendy full control over her accounts and stop the guardianship — but that is up to the court,” a source said, adding that the former radio DJ will still “have a voice” and “a say” in how she spends her riches. “She doesn’t have complete power right now, but depending on what the court rules, that might all change shortly.”