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Okay so we have two conflicting reports, Sherri Shepherd is saying that she’s hosting the finale then we have these reports all over the gossip sites, saying that Wendy Williams is going to be the one. So at this point, I don’t know which one is true; I feel like it would only be fair to let Wendy host and close out her own show! I think that Sherri is a snake and could care less about Wendy at this point. Wendy Williams has been on her daytime show for 14 years or so. I think that this is an incredible achievement. This is why I feel like it is only right. However, after seeing that terrible interview she did with Fat Joe, I just feel like maybe Wendy is not well enough to sit on anyone’s panel moreless her own. I love Wendy, but we do not know her condition and I really do not want to see another failed episode.  I am just really sad how all of this is going, I expected so much for Wendy Williams and did not expect for her to go out like this. I know that I am not the only one upset, this situation has gotten many out of their minds. I hope and pray that maybe Wendy could focus on doing some other type of media. The truth is, Wendy Williams is not well, we all have witnessed her talking all types of crazy, proving to us and many she worked with, that she is not in the best shape to host anything.  What really happened to Wendy Williams? I mean this all seemed to have happened so suddenly! At one point she was okay, then soon after her husband was exposed from cheating, we hear that Wendy is not in her right frame of mind! I just feel like there is more to the story than just this. I just hope that Wendy can surround herself around people who love her and get well soon.