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Following a dismal financial report, Netflix is letting off about 150 workers as well as dozens of contractors, blaming “slowing revenue growth.” You all know that Netflix has not been doing too well. I think at this point, they need to figure out how to keep peoples attention, and offer more of an incentive to customers. Honestly, the platform does not have a great selection of movies. Most of the films we have seen more than once. To be clear, I do think that Netflix is way better than Amazon Prime. I think that if Netflix’s offered more to the everyday person and lowered pricing, they could make a comeback. I think in all, the company does not have enough high rated movies and shows. I think this is why Amazon started allowing other creators to be apart of their programs. This just screams trouble for the media platform. I do not think that they will survive.

At least 26 contractors working on the company’s fan-focused Tudum website, which serves as a complement to Netflix’s programming, have been laid off, according to a source familiar with the issue. Prior to this wave of layoffs, Netflix had lost about 25 marketing positions, including about a dozen from Tudum. The 26 employees who were laid off today received notice in a mass email from the contracting company, according to Netflix spokesperson Erika Masonhall. According to The Verge, the majority of those affected by the layoffs are based in the United States. In response to The Verge’s request for comment, Masonhall provided the following statement, stating that the layoffs were primarily motivated by financial concerns rather than performance:

Netflix lost about 200,000 users last quarter, the first time the service has lost subscribers in over a decade. It also expects to lose another $200,000 in the coming quarter. The loss of customers is partly due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, as Netflix shut down its services in Russia in March. Netflix had a quiet quarter, with fewer big Hollywood movies released, which didn’t help matters. Netflix’s chief financial officer, Spencer Neumann, stated on the firm’s earnings call last quarter that the company will be cutting spending for the next two years or so.