I have to say that I am really feeling some type of way. The women in the Olympics are showing their butts in such a terrible way. I was watching the Olympics with a few of my girlfriends, and we all noticed that the track runners were all wearing bottoms like for a pool! To top it off, the bottoms would rise all inside of their butts. It was way too small and I think that the girls did not care at all. What became more terrible, was that there has been ton of YouTube videos that strictly talks about the woman’s butt in a sexual way. I am just so disgusted on how people feel that this is appropriate. We have to understand that, we are making everything that suppose to be pure a show for perverts. America wonders why we have such a problem with porn, child porn, etc. It is all because we allow the types of things that we see all over the place to ride, although its not a good idea.

Another thing I noticed, is that even the young Olympic Gymnast are subject to wearing mature looking outfits that display their bottoms. I think for parents, they should be concerned. Lets be clear, we have heard stories of these young girls being touched by trainers. My thing is, when you have them dressed up in makeup and skimpy clothing, it does not help the situation at all. When someone says hey you guys need to do something about this, everyone gets in a uproar and want to say its discrimination. If you children had clothes on, maybe they would not be in this situation. The world only sees things one way. Then want to be the person who is hurt after something happens to their child.

Its your child you can do whatever you want, but at the end of the day, you have to see that this is truly an issue. I am not saying that we should not hold the trainers responsible, but we have to protect out babies. As far as the adults, if they want to be portrayed this way then let them, but this is definitely gotten out of control. I cannot believe that no one is speaking up to make these changes. Why does everyone get so bent out of shape, when they are told to put on clothes or just something presentable? This is really just sad that when asked to look presentable is a crime. Would you wear see through dress, halter top with your breast out to church? I am not understanding this logic!

I would say that we need to figure out, what has made Americans so afraid of just being subtle in some things. I understand that everyone wants to express themselves, but if a police officer will lock you up for showing your body to the public or around children, then why on earth we say nothing about things like this. I am all for grown time and doing you, but you have to understand that, that is what they call it grown folks time. Many families go to sporting events together. Many Americans want their children to feel safe and not placed in inappropriate positions. Something has to change are we as Americans are truly in trouble.

It’s difficult not to be enthralled by the human body and what it can do when it comes to the Olympic games. However, if you look at uniform modifications over time, it’s evident that some individuals believe those bodies, if they belong to women, should be seen half-naked. After all, the average WNBA game draws less than 300,000 spectators, whereas the Lingerie Bowl draws millions. As a result, Olympic beach volleyball has emerged in recent years, complete with the required bikinis. Other sports have attempted to follow suit, with varying degrees of success.

This makes me feel at this point, that the only way that they can get people to come out and support the games, is to make sure the women in these sports are half naked. This screams pervert all day long! I mean why on earth would these women feel like its okay to wear the smallest bikini to prove that they are good in a sport? I blame the networks for allowing this also. Many people have to understand that when you make people uncomfortable, we have a right to speak on it. Don’t get so bent out of shape because someone does not want to go along with you showing your ass to the world.