Watching basketball wives and we learn that Malaysia’s ex does not pay child support. This is so damn 🤪. I think in all, that she will make it through. I so not understand why these men just can’t do right and take care of their responsibility. I really feel so bad after seeing this on the show. What’s even worse is her and Brandy are not really speaking. I feel like in some way, this is the storyline for the beginning for the show. Now that Shaunie O’Neal no longer has Evelyn, this is the only way that she can make money, by bringing back the same women she got into it with a few seasons back. I think also by losing Tammy did some damage as well. The whole drama with Brandy and Malaysia seems so fake to me. They do not even have their facial expression in order. One thing that I can respect, is that Jackie Christie is still the same old Jackie. She is definitely going to be one of the women that will get some shit started. I know one damn thing, I will be glued to my television watching every single bit of it!😂😂