So word on the street is that Pastor Ricky Houston has gotten a young woman who is 20 years old pregnant. Now he has been a pastor at his church for quite sometime, and has been dedicated to the church while he was there. However, news broke out, after a fellow Pastor reached out to talk about Pastor Rickey L Houston, sleeping with a young woman who confided in him. The pastor told one of Rickey L Houston’s Deacons that the young woman came to him, and confided with videos, photo’s and more. This is truly unfortunate, It was stated that the Pastor is telling everyone in his congregation that he resigned for medical reasons, when in fact he was caught up in some issues with sleeping with a young woman that is almost 30 years or more younger than he is. The church has had numerous Pastors, but they have not had Pastor Ricky L Houston in the pulpit for almost 4 weeks now. All this information came from an inside source of the church. I will be updating this post as more details come in. Check Out The Text Message I brought from A member below.

Address: 3455 26th Ave S, St. Petersburg, FL 33711