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Whelp, I just got finished watching this show & let me just say, the show really is not that good. I mean we all know why we are watching, mostly because we want to see what really goes on in Monique & Chris Samuels marriage. It seems that Monique & Chris have a lot of things that they need to work out. Monique seems to think that Chris wants to just throw everything under the rug. I mean really the more I see them argue, I really just think that Monique is just being a little too hard on Chris. I think that Monique standards are really high, and although Chris may be some what difficult to work with, he still seems to be a genuine guy. I think that Monique is expecting too much from her man, and not trying to help guide him. One thing that will ruin her marriage, is her nagging about any and everything he does wrong. If your man is trying, then be there for him and stop complaining about everything that is wrong.

I do not know if I enjoy seeing Monique in this light. I think that this could make or break her really. I hope and pray that she understand the damage she is doing by her ownself. When I see Monique with the other women, its like she is trying to figure out how she can have a marriage like the other women in long committed relationships. It seemed to me that Monique has lost herself and does not know how to communicate the right way with her man. I really can understand now, why all the rumors were out there about her and Chris on the verge of not making it. I am not too interested in watching this show for the other women, but to see the result of this hell hole of a marriage, that Monique Samuels has keeps me glued to my TV.