Google Screen Shot

This girl lead 🚓 on a chase, so that she could scratch getting arrested from her bucket list. How dumb is that Ms. Janiya Douglas. I Hope you read this, cause that’s the dumbest thing I heard this year. Who in the hell want to be arrested, thrown in jail and have a record on them. That’s a person who plans on having a man always taking 💅 of them. Or a person who never got turned down and is used to getting their far share of life. Self-centered they call it. What if there is was a school bus letting kids off, when u decided to go ape shizzts. What about your on life?

What about getting out of the Bay Area bucket list type $hitz? What about moving to the Bahamas or being the next F___ host on CNN Live. Or something like that. Get out of this don’t care generation. And do some real stuff that makes sense. Cause even if you decide to become a nurse or something that this area offers. Look what dumb azz Janiya did. In my opinion……… If this was your goal from your dumb azz list. I would have gave u some cash to steal the next I phone from an apple store. Oops sorry you’d do it for free.