Okay, so what I got from all of this mess is that Tokyo Toni is mad at Storm Monroe, because he was chopping up the video of the interview she did with him, and Storm Monroe did not advertise for Tokyo Toni at all. Right now, Tokyo Toni is trying to make it! We all know that Blac Chyna suffered a loss in court with the Kardashian-Jenner’s, so Tokyo Toni has been on the grind to get her productions going and working with Chyna. Was Storm wrong for posting the interview in parts? I mean no matter how he post it, in my opinion, Tokyo Toni was the one that decided to do the whole interview. I think the whole thing boils down to Tokyo Toni being mad that Storm did not post about that damn SHN Network. I feel like Tokyo Toni is in her feelings. I mean if I was her, I also would feel some type of way. I think Tokyo should do her own show and monopolize off of that! Instead of going on other people platforms hoping they will help her. If her fans do not support her on her platform, then why on earth do you think they going to support you on another? In my opinion, Storm Monroe is not wrong! She willingly gave him the damn interview!