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I had to come on tonight to talk about the shit I am seeing. Clearly, Armon Wiggins is getting the big head. He keeps going on and on , because he is hoping that he can get to at least 200,000 subscribers. I mean I hope he does not get to the point where he changes. I like the old Armon who had integrity and substance. He was not about creating drama to get attention. It seems now, he wants to prove something to people and I can tell when he grows more, he will not be able to handle being a celebrity. I just see the change and its not looking good. I have been following him since day one! another thing is, he continues to go after Nicki Minaj! I am not sure what he thinks he is doing, but what you don’t want to do is go against her. This could be the main reason why he does not have growth!

I think honestly he should try to Collab and make peace if he wants to progress. At this point, he is looking really desperate; I think he feels if he goes against Tasha k, and Nicki Minaj, starting fake beefs to kiss Cardi B’s ass, that it will help him grow faster. If people wanted to support him, they would have done it by now! I think this is only going to leave a bad taste in peoples mouths cause I am like five seconds away from unsubscribing to his ass. Too much bullshit. He has a nerve to talk about Tasha K, but he is literally doing the same damn thing!