Sherri Shepherd responded to Wendy Williams’ diss.

Wendy Williams has been one that has been in the news a lot lately. One thing that I wish is that Wendy would just stay off of people live channels and any other social media platforms. The interviews that she’s been on lately have definitely not been strengthening her fight against Wells Fargo to regain her funds, if anything it’s probably making Wells Fargo have the upper hand, and I just feel like someone really should be helping her. As Wendy Williams would say, The street are talking!

I must say that there is no denying that Wendy is killing it when it comes to getting out and going to a party! She looked simply amazing with Jason Lee by her side. Of course, there is always some mess chile when it comes to Wendy. She and Jason were at the Met Gala looking great! and many still want to say that there is something wrong with Wendy. Some mentioned that they saw Wendy Williams sitting in a corner by herself and she looked really bad. Now this is all speculation, but we dont really know what she looked like.

Then we hear Wendy Williams talking about she is coming back to day time TV. Of course, many are saying that it is all a lie, but how do we really know that to be truth? I mean in Wendy Williams mind, she thinks this is going to happen! However, the producers of the daytime show, even Sherri Shepherd messy ass, is saying that Wendy is really sick and that is not going to happen. I then felt even more concerned for Wendy. I thought to myself, is this a sign that Wendy is showing she is declining. I mean for her to speak on this as if she is delusional has many wondering. This also does not look good when it comes to Wells Fargo either.

Sherri Shepherd has been showing her ass in all of this. I think the comment that Wendy Williams made, when she said she would not be watching her on television touched a big nerve. I guess we all have to keep watching to see what will happen next.