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Ok, I have been all over the blogs trying to find out, what is really going on with Nene and Tamar. I had to come to this forum to share my two cents. I first heard that the reason for Nene & Tamar ending their friendship was because of Tamar’s reconciliation to her Ex David Adefeso, then I heard it was due to the non support from Tamar in Nene’s lawsuit with Bravo.

The rumors about Tamar and David started this past Mother’s Day when David wished Tamar a Happy Mother’s Day and call Tamar his best friend. David posted a picture of the mothers in his life, and gave a brief shout out to each of them and he said, “Now there’s Tamar Braxton”, thank you for teaching me how to love and through all life’s challenges growing together to become best friends. Now this was news to me too! If you guy’s remember the nasty break up, because the last the public heard, David have requested a restraining order be put on Tamar after he reportedly was physical with her in a car on the way to therapy in the court documents. Anyways, they trying to say that because Tamar made things right with her ex, that Nene Leakes is mad and they are no longer friends.

As you all know, Nene Leakes is suing Bravo and that in my opinion , seems like the reason for the riff in the girls relationship. Word on the street is that Nene felt like Tamar was not supporting her, so Nene drop that two faced bitch like a bad habit! I would not doubt this juicy gossip here. I would believe that Nene would drop Tamar for the lawsuit, before I think that Nene would get mad about David. My thing is, why the fuck would Nene get mad about a man that does not belong to her? One thing you guys got to understand is that. Tamar is a selfish bitch! She has always been all about herself. So in this case, I would not be surprised about Nene Leakes actions.