Screen Shot

Seems like Desantis is pissing off more people with his don’t say gay law! I found this young man is going head to head with what Florida would consider a “Bigot Governor” Zander Moricz, the first openly gay class president at his high school and the youngest public plaintiff in a federal lawsuit against Florida to overturn the so-called “Don’t Say Gay” statute, speaks exclusively with “The Beat” about the lawsuit and his activism. Moricz also says that his school is censoring him after his principal advised him not to mention his activism or the case in his impending graduation speech, threatening to cut it short if he did.

Do you guys think that he will be successful? I know we have had plenty of discussions on this forum about this topic. I also am wondering, do you guys feel that Gov. Ron Desantis has a future as the next President. I mean when we look at the polls, it seems that the Democrats have a lot to worry about being that Republicans seem to have the better position. IDK… but I think this could be something terrible if this happens.