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Now, I told you guy that I did not like the show starting off the first two episodes. I felt that the cast was dull, and I really miss Nene Leakes and Phaedra parks. The problem is, Bravo thought they could keep boring ass Kandi Burress and Kenya and that would make a show. To be honest, everyone’s says that Kandi is boring! She really does not add anything to the show. When Nene left in such a terrible way, it really was nothing else to talk about. I bet Bravo rethinking this shit now! Lets be clear, Marlo, Kenya, Kandi, Sharee, and that new chick that came on with Drew, is not a fucking show. I am over the Atlanta Housewives at this point, I will only watch so I can share how bad the shit is every week on this forum🤣🤣.

The word on the street is that the show ratings for season 14 episode 2 came back and the demo went down from point 30 to 23. This means the money is off! advertisers are not happy and they want to reach their target to keep the funds coming in. Its sad that a blog, or a YouTube channel can produce more ratings than that messy ass show. Sharee was bragging about how the show was so much better and shit, then you have Marlo talking about it was so much better without Porsha. Lets be clear, I do not like Porsha loose ass, but I do think her dumb ass show got more ratings than the housewives.🤣🤣 This is really just embarrassing….