301 34th St N, St. Petersburg, FL

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Let me just say that this has not been my first visit to this establishment. I have been here about 4 times, and every time I go, I have a terrible experience and its just really frustrating. This is just what happened to me so your experience may be different. I went here a few days ago to get a few products. What I noticed each time I go to the facility, is that their prices keeping going up every single time. You would be better off shopping online than to go into this location. I know some people will go into this store, because it is close and I mean if its right down the street why not! I purchased an item from the store, and realized that it was not the right product so I went back in to return it, when I tried, they told me that the product could not be returned. I thought that this was the most dumbest thing that I have ever heard of. Clearly, they saw me come into the store, so why on earth you would not allow me to return an unopened product?

For some strange reason this is the rules of the store. Their stock isn’t kept up, If i buy a product that I love, I expect to be able to come back a month or two later, and find what I need when I get there. They have new workers at counter all the time, and when you need help finding something, it takes you to have to go find them to see if they can help you. I have seen onetime my friend go into the store, and basically questioned and followed the whole time. This place in in the heart of the hood, and doing shit like this! If you did not want to worry about suspicious activity, why the hell would you put your business in the most dirtiest side of town? I would not recommend them to anyone at this point. I would say shop at your own risk.