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I don’t know whats worst, her fake ass or her fake as life. She is delusional if she thinks that the world would believe that she had nothing to do with the sex tape that Ray J was in with her being leaked. No one believes a word that these Kardashians – Jenner’s are out here saying. We all know that it was Kris Jenner who was responsible for leaking that tape. Do not try to play the people who you call your supporters. I think its quite ridiculous that you would walk around here with your fake ass like someone has wronged you, when personally, you being a hoe is not hard to see. Everyone see’s how you go to man to man until you suck their life away. We are tired of the fakeness Kim! We know the show you have is fake like most of the shit you feed your followers. We also know that your body is not 100% real. Please stop telling people you were blessed with curves, when you body looks like its falling a part. Do me a favor and just start being truthful!