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Amber Heard  will possibly end up in jail for lying under oath.  We  all know she lied about using a Milani Cosmetics concealer to cover up bruises, saying how she had to mix two different colors for the different days. I call bullshit! This woman has been lying so bad during this whole case! I cannot believe that she thinks that the jury is going to fall for this crap.  We also know she claimed Johnny head-butted her, and bashed her nose and then less than 24 hours later,  we saw her on James Corden’s show with flawless skin by the way! For this bitch to claim to be so good at using makeup to cover injuries, it makes you wonder why she didn’t bother to cover up bruised Knuckles during 2021 Paris Fashion Week. To top it all off, Amber also lied about donating all of her divorce proceedings to 2 charities!  I guess this is not a shocker being she lied about so many other things. But wait,  Johnny Depp’s bodyguard even said himself that he witnessed the altercation involving Amber  when she punched Johnny with a closed fist. This woman is psychotic and needs professional help. We need to make sure that we get her kicked off the film. If this was not a good time to cancel a person, I don’t know what would be. She has to go! Also, you guys have to remember in this whole reveal, Kate James also said she witnessed  Amber treating her own mother the same horrible way. Then there’s the severed finger incident, where Amber testified that she didn’t throw a vodka bottle at Johnny that smashed his finger but then there’s an audio recording of her saying that she didn’t mean to hurt him on purpose