Sherri Shepherd is wishing Wendy Williams all the best, even after Williams said she won’t be watching Shepherd’s new daytime talk show. Sherri Shepherd did an interview and basically explained that this was something that she heard Wendy Williams say. I am sure that what I was saying prior is accurate. I said that I believe that Sherri did not care about Wendy, and that she was only concerned about replacing her on the daytime talk show. Lets be clear, The Wendy Williams show is failing completely. The host that they are getting suck! They try to put on high energy and report gossip, but little do they know its hard work. If you are not made to report the gossip like Wendy, you do not need to be on the show.

Each week is a hot ass mess watching people trying to give the dirty talk at the same time trying to be nice. Wendy gave you the tea no filter, and that is what the viewers want to continue to see. Sherri sits her badly shaped ass on stage faking the funk. I really wish that the Wendy Show directors will do something to make this show more enjoyable. I really sincerely miss Wendy. How Wendy left was just wrong. To top it off, Wendy claims that she only has $2.00 to her name. Poor Wendy! I hope and pray we can get her back soon, I don’t care if its on daytime TV or on the internet. I will be here for it!