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Tom Brady has been known to be the guy that most can count on at the last minute of the game. However, this year Brady failed to deliver a win for the Buccaneers football team. I think that most would say that he is good for the team, and he will most likely get a win for the Buccaneers next go-round. One thing that many are failing to talk about is Brady being overrated when it comes to his performance. It seems like Brady is getting a lot of praise as a mega football player, but the rest of the team does not get the same praise for pulling the team to a win.

How it must feel to not get the same recognition as the star quarterback when it comes to the game we all love to see. I think that if this does not stop, some of the players may find themselves looking to be with another team. Tom Brady is not a GOD! In this case, he should not be treated as such. Yes, he is great at what he does, but that does not mean that he is always the talk of Fox News when the team has a win. There are great players on the team and Brady is not the only one working hard on the field.

Tom Brady decided after a loss that he was going to retire. He mentioned that he did not want to be on the field at his age. However, many believe that when he let the Buccaneers down, with a loss to the Cincinnati Bengals, only then did he decide that he wanted to continue with the team. I think at this point, Brady is not comfortable with knowing that he lost this for the team to retire. Many felt that if it had been different, he would have retired knowing that he won yet another Super bowl. If this does not scream conceited, I don’t know what does; I personally blame the media for their encouragement of this circus, making the other team members feel like they are not valued as they should be. From now on when the team loses a game, I want you to remember whom you praised all this time. Make sure you hold Him fully responsible.