Steve Harvey is always talking shit! He was quick to weigh in on Will Smith. I am just so tired of people’s opinions on the slap. The shit happened so move the fuck on! I don’t think anyone really cared about Chris Mug Face Roc anyway. Steve Harvey one day is a Christian, the next day a pimp, and then other days a so called comedian. I just wish he could learn to shut the fuck up and explain to us why he got so many wives. He is the last damn person to be talking about anything. He makes me sick! They need to cancel that damn family Feud show like they did when he was on the damn radio. He is so fucking fake, Steve Harvey goes where ever the wind goes, his opinion does not mean shit! One thing that I have learned is that Steve Harvey only goes with the popular decision. He did the same shit when it came to Monique. He tried to make her feel like she needed to be quite to play the dumb roll to keep a job. So this proves that he is all about looking good to the people who cut him a check, even when he knows that someone is being done dirty.

They call these types of people a sell out. I just don’t understand how he can wake up in the morning knowing how he did his first wife. He would rather leave a good woman, who has been by his side, to go to a tramp, that shows all her damn body all over the internet like a damn Kardashian. I am just fed the fuck up with his opinions and his big ass ego, its almost as big as his motherfucking nose.