Authorities confirmed late Monday afternoon that Alabama fugitive Casey White and prison officer Vicky White are in custody, and she is in the hospital after shooting herself. Officials say the two were apprehended after a chase in Evansville, Indiana, in which their vehicle crashed.
Vicky White’s injuries was a self-inflicted gunshot wound, according to US Marshals.

The scene at the end of the police chase in Evansville, Indianna.

According to Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton, no law enforcement officials fired any rounds. According to him, the capture and arrest were made possible by a public tip. Singleton said the information came late Sunday night.
He said the two were apprehended at a motel and then pursued in a car.
The Whites, who are not related, will be returned to Alabama for arraignment, according to the sheriff. Casey White, an Alabama fugitive, was caught on video camera at an Evansville, Indiana, car wash, according to US Marshals.
This is the first time White has been seen since escaping a correctional center in Lauderdale County, Alabama, with corrections officer Vicky White. Vicky White was absent from the photographs.

An Alabama corrections official who was last seen with a man held on murder charges now has a warrant out for her arrest and was last spotted in Evansville, IN. A warrant was issued for Vicky White, an assistant director of corrections for Lauderdale County, on charges of permitting or facilitating escape in the first degree. Vicky White was last seen Friday when she said she was taking inmate Casey White for a mental health evaluation at the county courthouse. No evaluation or hearing was scheduled for the inmate that day, authorities later found.

On Sunday night, investigators learned that a 2006 Ford F-150 had been recovered in a car wash in Evansville, roughly 175 miles north of Williamson County, Tennessee, where the pair’s 2007 Ford Edge had been abandoned. According to a press statement from the US Marshals Service, the owner produced photographs from a security camera. According to the agency, marshals are in Indiana “following up on a tip after a vehicle believed to have been used by the two fugitives from Alabama was located abandoned in the region.”

The US Marshals Service warned last week that Casey White, who is charged with murder, is considered dangerous and armed. Information leading to his capture might earn you up to $15,000, and information leading to Vicky White’s capture could get you $10,000. Vicky White was charged with new crimes in Alabama in connection with Casey White’s escape, according to the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Department.

Officials said the allegations come from her using an alias to acquire the 2007 Ford Edge used in the escape. Vicky White is wanted for forgery and identity theft, according to the warrant. Vicky White, an associate director of corrections for Lauderdale County, transported Casey White from the county jail on April 29, claiming she was bringing him for a mental health evaluation that had never been planned, according to authorities. She then stated that she would seek medical attention after dropping off the convict since she was not feeling well.

Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton said Monday that Vicky White’s use of aliases may be hampering the search for the two. “It would be quite straightforward for us to find her if she was using her own identity,” Singleton told CNN’s Bianna Golodryga. “We do know she used a bogus identity to buy a car here in town.” “We know she had two phony IDs, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she had more or new ones today,” the sheriff added.

Vicky White’s surveillance video footage taken before the breakout demonstrates the level of planning that went into the escape, according to Singleton. Singleton said investigators discovered video of White buying for men’s clothes at a major store and a “adult store,” adding that she “clearly had a change of clothes” for the inmate. “It just shows how well-planned and calculated it was,” Singleton added. “Clearly, she meticulously plotted her escape.” Vicky White was captured on film at a Quality Inn in Florence the night before her escape more than a week ago, according to investigators.

The officer’s and inmate’s patrol car was discovered abandoned in a shopping center parking lot. Inside were Vicky White’s jail keys, radio, and handcuffs. Vicky White’s 2007 Ford SUV, which she had parked in the lot the night before, is believed to be the vehicle they left in. On May 6, the automobile was discovered in a tow yard in Tennessee. The car had been abandoned in the woods on the same day the duo fled, with no identifying information, indicating they drove about two hours north from the Florence jail to Williamson County, Tennessee.