Florida Drug Dealer Arrested for Overdose Death Florida Mugshot

A guy from the Florida Panhandle has been charged with homicide in connection with the illicit distribution of fentanyl to a man who died of an overdose after consuming the drug. Following the victim’s overdose death on November 17th of last year, William “Dean” Lively, 58, was detained on an active warrant. Investigators suspect the victim bought what he thought was heroin from Lively and then injected it at home. The man’s wife left the house to go to the convenience shop after driving him to Lively’s to buy heroin. She returned home to find her spouse blue and unconscious. She then texted Lively and asked for Narcan and assistance. “Is he okay?” Lively inquired. Her husband died not long after that. A toxicology report determined that the victim died from accidental acute drug toxicity (fentanyl and alprazolam).