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Okay, I had to speak on this, I am over it when it comes to Dr. Phil. I was set to be an audience member on backstage. First let me say that Backstage.com has some of the most unprofessional people. They basically offer you $50.00 gift cards to be on his show on zoom when we were going through Covid. Anyways, the first episode of his show was draining. I did not know how I was going to make it through. His show basically had people , who were willing to throw their lives away, and show made up stories on TV.

Dr. Phil loves to show people who will make up stories, so he can look good on TV. I think most of all, he likes to embarrass black people. He is not a good person in my opinion. He is playing with people, making them believe that he is the real deal, when in reality he is not. If you happen to see this job on backstage, then please make sure to watch out for scams. I think it’s bad that all he could offer you is $50.00 gift card on Amazon, when you have to sit for nearly 5 hours to his boring show. I remember falling asleep like 4 times in filming.