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Bobby Brown is talking about something that we already knew. He keeps talking about him being a sex addict, and how Janet Jackson was his crush of his life. Now my thing is, how does Bobby Brown think that this is not going to affect his wife? I know that she probably does not like hearing him constantly talking about Janet Jackson all the time. This leads me to believe that he did the same thing to Whitney Houston. I mean we did hear him talk about Whitney and how he loved her, but it seems that Bobby Brown would have been with Janet Jackson instead if he had that chance. I think at this point, Janet does not want any parts of this conversation. Just think, if she did, she would have mentioned him in her bio flix. I think for Janet Jackson, talks of being with Bobby Brown in bed is kind of a disappointment. She does not want to be viewed as someone who is with the bad boy, who could not keep his dick in his pants. When I was reading the article, I had to give my two cents on how I was feeling about this.

I think that Janet Jackson knew that this would be bad for her career back in the day. However, Whitney Houston was not afraid to go with this relationship, although many had their views about the two of them being together. I just feel like Bobby Brown is just the most honest person. This is why I love hearing him share his story. Despite all that Bobby has been through, he never tries to make it seem like he didn’t have a struggle. I mean look at Kirk Franklin, he was one that talked about how he struggled with pornography. This is a very hard conversation to have. In all, it is a very real conversation; I don’t know, I just felt like sharing my thoughts on this forum on this topic.