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Riverchase Dermatology located on 1122 Druid Rd, Clearwater Florida, has a very bad insect infestation. During one of my offices visit I could see worms crawling on the floors and light fixtures. Some were dead but many were alive. I addressed this to the staff and they acted like these were pets of some sorts. I was livid as they continued working around the 🐛 and even stepping on these slimy creepy crawlers. How could a doctors office who works on peoples skin and facial appearance be so nasty? I mean we are talking about maybe sixty worms through out the building everywhere. There were lizards running across the room to feed I guess on these worms. I also saw a few dead roaches in the bathroom in which I used. In my opinion, this place only cares about the money coming in not it’s perception. I will not be going back unless I’m worm hunting. Imagine sitting back in a lab chair and watching these things fall from the ceiling. Some even dropped on to the nurses arm and she screamed. Nope sorry I’m done.

Doctor of the Worms