Bravo TV Screen Shot

I am a little bothered because watching the RHOA, I find tonight that Ralph just refuses to show his wife Drew that she is the most important. He just seems to have such a hard time cutting off conversation with a woman, who clearly has disrespected their relationship over and over again. This makes me feel like maybe she is doing a little more to this man then we know. It seems like he is thinking about sleeping with this woman. I think we can say this is like emotional cheating. He probably feels comfortable sharing all of his issues with this lady, and then at the same time drawn in by the sexual advances being thrown. Its all so messy; I really feel so bad for Drew, and I think its about time for her to put down her foot. What bothered me the most was, when he tried to make it seem like Drew was insecure and could not deal with any woman in her husband’s space. The thing is, he ruined everything when he allowed some woman to come in his marriage and disrespect it. I don’t know about Y’all but right now he is giving me cheater all day!

What is more crazy, we find out that the woman he claims is 50 years old! Honey! I had to get on this forum to talk to Y’all about it!🤣🤣 I pray that Drew will find her a real man and stop playing with this no good having ass pimp. The dinner that they had was a joke, and I really am starting to believe that this guy has serious mental issues. I would think of Ralph as a narcissist and I just think that Ralph is doing a lot of damage to Drew, and eventually it will start to show when we find out that they are no longer a couple.