Wow internet is probably one of the worst services that I have used in a long time. I find that they have a habit of increasing bills without notifications being sent out. Another issue while using the service is, I have not had solid working connections since I signed up for their services. I struggled with slow speeds, and drops throughout the morning while working on my assignments online. I have made many calls, but still the company has failed to supply working connections. It got so bad that I started demanding that they give me a credit for all of the drops in service. I have had around 3 credits thus far while using the company. I was told by each representative that I spoke with that, this issue would be resolved, and I was always walked through some type of instruction to disconnect a modem, that was not the issue in the first place.

The issue is that WOW has not and I feel cannot supply solid working connections to its customers. I think its time to stop acting like you are giving quality service to customers, when you know that you cannot do the job. I am not the only one that deals with the connection losses, and being shut down for days at a time while only trying to get work done. WOW is slowly becoming a company that is unreliable when it comes to connection services online.