This is a personal letter to Claressa White. You know damn well that you been sleeping around with every man that will give you attention in Saint Petersburg Florida. I do not know why you try to act like you have done nothing wrong when clearly you know you slept with my ex husband. I want to let you know that if you come near my home or anyone I love again, I will personally make sure, I give you a good ass whoppin.

For one thing, you didn’t know that my ex husband had herpes from another woman named Megan. If I were you, I would go to the doctor and find out if you have it or not. I knew all about the late night dinners, calls, and you fucking him when I was pregnant. I know at the time you had a husband too. So my thing is, why on earth was you fucking my husband when you got your own. You low budget, herpes having, Avon perfume wearing bitch.

If I ever hear about you around my family or any other man in my life, I will make sure to tear off the rest of your damn edges you got left. You two dollar, granny panty wearing slut. Try me bitch! I will do my best to put all your shit out there. We all know that you got a past girlfriend, you are not any stranger the police. I bet you didn’t tell them about your police public record where you were arrested for possession of cocaine. Like I said try me!