My frustration is that I really whole heartedly stood by Cardi B with the Tasha K case. However, this shit comes out that she was talking about doing cocaine at Met Gala. My thing is if that’s what you do, then do it! But don’t make us look stupid supporting you, and you do some shit like this. You really can’ t get mad at Tasha when you out here in these streets saying shit like this. Woman you got a whole daughter who will see all you do one day. It’s bad enough she will have to see you half naked on stage shaking your ass for a dollar. Cardi just stop embarrassing yourself. You said in a video that you felt s demon was coming back in your life, real talk, it’s been there;

All I ask is don’t make us as your supporters look like fools. We stood by you in the darkest, so don’t get mad when we giving you advice. Your fans has a right to say how disappointed we are when you fuck up. Just for once stop before you say something. Stop making everything so damn ghetto. Show the people you have grown and that you do have a little class. PLEASE!!