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As you know Dave Chappelle was attacked on stage at one of his comedy shows. My question is, do you think it was all staged? I mean with all the Will Smith drama going around. You’d think the awareness is there. I mean the idea of people at anytime coming on stage, because they don’t like what was said, & then Dave gets to talk to the man afterwards & ask him why. Not sure I’m buying it! I think at this point the world has gone mad, and people are willing to do anything to get attention. If you guys remember, the man that was taking into custody was not charged for what he did.

if someone came running up on me, and had a gun at that, do you think I will let him get away with what he did? Absolutely not! I think that we have to say at this point, people are doing what they can to get known for the shit that happens. Dave Chappelle probably paid that man to ambush him on stage. I know it seems kind of crazy to say, but to be quite honest, this is exactly what it looks like. My question is, why did the man not get charged? He had a gun in an event, attacked a man on stage, and he put many people lives in danger. I think that something fishy is going on here, tell me what you you guys think.