Let me just say… I am so over this place.. They are all about the money. I have tried reaching out to them on numerous occasions to let them know that I was fed up with the mess especially with these bugs. At this point, I really need to find a new place. The rent is just too damn high to be staying in these out dated apartments. I have tried to reach the office on numerous occasions, to only being told to try back or leave a message to never have it returned. I see a lot of crazy things going on at this overpriced place. It should be illegal for a company to allow people to come live in filth.

I am literally living in a two bedroom apartment in the middle of no fucking where, and I am paying almost 3000 to stay here. I have never in my life seen anything like this. On top of that, they are rude when you need help and will not take the time to explain why every single year, they are going up on the residence rent. I mean literally going up about $100 – $200 dollars extra each new year. I understand that we are in a situation where inflation is a big deal, but I am in a small city. The only highlight in this area in North Carolina is food! It is not like you are in New York! If I need to go into the city, its 5 minutes away, but if you know Leland North Carolina, its is really not a place that you have tons of stuff going on. I don’t know, I would warn anyone who is looking to stay at this location.