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I am honestly trying to figure out, why on earth I am paying almost $15.00 a month to watch movies on Amazon Prime. Most of the movies on Amazon are low budget and it’s unfortunate, because I am basically paying for nothing. I normally watch maybe 2 movies a week, especially after seeing the low quality films. If I wanted to see black market films, I would have just went to a black market site.

The thing is, Amazon call themselves getting rid of content creators who were considered YouTubers, and other first time creators, but still when I go on there site, most films look like they were created in 1960. I just wish they would take the time to give Prime members more options to new movies. I mean if Netflixs can do it why can’t they? I sometimes ask myself, If it’s best I cancel Prime and pay Netflixs? It is around the same price, so basically I would just be switching up.

I am just a little annoyed with the low budget shit. If I am paying, then make it worth my while. I know many of you will say, well you got shipping time in day on Prime orders, but really that’s not true. For one thing, you have to have a minimum of $35.00 for most orders to get free shipping or next day delivery. To me that’s not a deal. By the time I am through in a month, ive spent well over $100.00 or more, depending on the item. I think personally it’s a rip off and I am not happy about it.