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Okay, let’s talk a bit about this Kim K sex tape, that I told you guys was all a way for Kim K to get out there as a celebrity. You guys know that Ray J has broken his silence saying that Kim K sex tape ruined his life. He is trying to put it all behind him, and does not want this to be something that his kids will see when they see older. What I wanted to talk about with you guys on this forum is Kris Jenner seems to have her hand in more than just the girls regular deals, bit it seems that Kris also was in on the sex tape.

You guys know that Kris has said many times that she gets at least 10 percent of every job the women get, this sounds just like a pimp to me 😅🤣. Kris knows her daughter Kim was busting it wide open and Kris was like give me that coin!!! What a hot ass mess! How could a mother feel okay to let her daughter sell a sex tape to be famous? Ugh…. I guess it’s true that people will do anything for money.

My issue with Ray J is, if you did not want to look like a damn prevent making sex tapes, you should have not been with the hoe in the beginning. We all know that Ray J has been in these streets, So I am not going to be easy on him. Kim saw this as an opportunity to get In the spotlight. SHE TOOK IT, AND SUCCEEDED!!