Okay, if you guys remember her old school love was Lyndall Locke. This guy really was not that attractive, but let me just say, the dude looks way better than JayZ. What I have found for a lot of women is that although some men are not attractive, they seem to have the money game right. Beyonce clearly doesn’t need JayZ money that is just the facts. I think that JayZ understands that also. Lyndall Locke is probably okay looking I guess, but man he looks hideous in this photo below.

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What I find surprising is that Beyonce has this really bad taste in men when it comes to looks. I guess for the queen, she really does not care how a man looks as long as he has a good heart. So in this case, I am lead to believe this is the case for JayZ. I have watched JayZ and Beyonce in action together for quite sometime. I believe that he is a little intimidated when it comes to Beyonce. I also feel that JayZ does not like the way that he looks. I think if he goes back to wearing his hair the old way he would look so much younger. The hair makes him look more aged. I also feel the reason for JayZ cheating had to do with his self esteem. I believe that he wanted to see if he still could get a woman in bed. One thing that JayZ has to realize is, these chicks will sleep with him just because he is with the Queen, it has nothing at all to do with his looks. He has the money, the power, and the woman that most men dream of being with. So his looks is not even a factor.