This all has turned out to be a crazy situation here. I mean we have possibly someone who decides to help a criminal escaped from jail! When I started looking into the case, I was really thrown off by it all. I think in this case, that something really strange is going on. Vicky White, the officer, is wanted on a charge of allowing or enabling the escape of Casey White, a capital murder suspect, from the Lauderdale County Jail in Alabama. What comes to mind in this case is, could this be her lover? I have heard many stories of workers in the correctional facilities becoming quite cozy with their inmates. For Vicky, maybe Casey White was someone she may have felt could be the one.

Now there is something very strange. When I started following the case, I wanted to know if these two were related. They had the same last names, and anyone who would be willing to do something this stupid, would probably only do it for someone who they are romantically involved in, or a close relative. However, Vicky and Casey White aren’t related. There was a statement made and it was “We know she participated” in his escape, Singleton said. “Whether she did that willingly or was coerced or threatened, we’re not really sure, but we know for sure she did participate.” This is all so strange! This woman sold her home, and her last day was suppose to had been on Friday. So in this case, she decided to go out in a bang! Lets just face it! Casey White gave Vicky White some good old fashion 36 year old dick!🀣🀣.