I am writing complaining about the business Tijuana Flats. The location of the business is 2117 66th St N, St. Petersburg, FL 33710. They repeatedly forget to add my sauce when I select it on the Uber Eats app. I have to literally call them to make sure they do their damn job. I am quite fed up with the shit! Either you want to work and do your job or not. I know that this may seem simple to most, but I am tired from working 12 hours, and wanted to have something good to eat after a long day. I pay extra cause Uber Eats is high as hell, and still no matter what, My shit is not all there! My drink is flat, the sauce never comes, and when I get my damn food, it looks like they just threw it in a box from the damn side of the street. I am so tired… People really need to learn to get their shit together. I am over it at this point. I have to leave this rant in this forum before I went to bed. 😔😔