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I know that plenty are excited about the news, but to be honest, we all should be concerned. I Personally feel that Elon Musk is working with Republican’s to get a handle on getting votes for the 2024 election. He claims that he wants to allow free speech, and to make the platform private, but I feel like with these changes, it may be expensive. Firstly, why would anyone pay to voice their opinion? Even YouTube is free! It seems that Elon Musk, just can’t leave a good thing alone.

I really just can’t understand why on earth that Elon Musk feels that he needs to do anything more to twitter. I mean adding an edit button and making it private, is not enough for me to want to spend my money to voice my damn opinion. I think it’s all about the power. To me, Elon wants to show everyone that what he wants to do to the platform is better than what Twitter is today. This could be true! But I still refuse to pay for the service. I hope and pray that he comes up with something reasonable.

I just feel like when something is going good, you always have someone fucking it up. I am just so tired of the bullshit. I can’t understand why a billionaire like Elon just won’t go and make his own platform. I feel like he is afraid that starting from scratch, may end up looking like Trumps truth social which is a complete failure. 🤔 This is the type of shit he wants to do on Twitter. SMH..