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A mystery has resurfaced back to the net between 2 idols of their time. Beyoncé and Amil K Whitehead (AKA Amil) the first female artist on Jay Z’s Roc A Fella label. The question on the streets is did Beyoncé have a close physical connection to Amil? If you all remember, Amil left Roc A Fella after her album “All Money Is Legal” dropped in the 2000’s. On that album, Amil and Queen B did a collaboration and sources say Beyoncé grew sexually attracted to Amil’s New York Swag. Sources also say that Beyonce wanted more than a collab. she wanted the whole damn Ah’million, & possibly only got half, due to the rapper only preferring men as her liking. As you know, the Destiny Childs leader does not take no for an answer. So in my opinion, she pushed the envelope to get what she always wanted Ah’million. Not long after Beyonce allegiant sexual advancements and possible sleep overs, that Amil was let go from Jay-Z’s label with a bunch of PR excuses.

So the question is, do you believe that these two got real down and dirty? Did Jay Z let or make Amil try some of that sweet potato pie? Or did Beyonce Not handle rejection well? Word on the street is, that Beyonce wanted all that Amil was given. Beyonce wanted that pussy and she wanted it all to her self. Now this is just merely speculation, but you got to admit that something had to have happened, for Amil to share all this tea in a video that was some years back. Heck, even Madonna said that Beyonce down for the pussy. Should we not believe what is being said because its Queen Bey? or should we keep digging to unplug everything? I mean you got to admit this is all so crazy. I am not one to judge, if Beyonce liked women or preferred them, I think in todays time, it would make her even more lovable to her audience.